Botanical printing—also known as eco-printing—has a large and dedicated following. The sustainability of materials and inherent organic beauty of the imagery is deliciously appealing. But consider a new twist on beloved printing methods. This workshop explores nine additions to botanical printing on paper/fabric substrates to create a series of collages suitable for framing, stitch, or other distinctive and personal use.

     Techniques include adding color or collage elements prior to printing, the use of a variety of mordants and chemical applications to enhance and shift color, and my unique method of adding patterning to the backgrounds of the prints. These new and unexpected additions to the eco-printing repertoire are not for the faint hearted. It’s just too exciting! 

Direct Botanical Printing—May 2019

Workshop: The Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Botanical Printing

May 6th - 10th, 2019

1803 W. Woodlawn San Antonio, TX 78201


Online Independent Study

Online Independent Study

If you are feeling stalled out, beginning to explore new ideas, or just experiencing a desire to work to a deadline for a few weeks, consider joining me for this course, which is designed to fit your specific, individual goals.

Prior to the start of class I’ll send you a few questions designed to help determine what you want to do during the period of your study. Feel free to add your own thoughts, or make specific requests. Together, we will tailor a six week program to recognize your goals.

Each week you will check in by writing to me privately, and also by sending images of work in progress. We’ll see how things are going and I’ll make suggestions and even an assignment - if needed! 

Any topic is welcome material for your development. 

If you have questions, please write to me at dunnewoldj@complexcloth.com and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Please contact me at dunnewoldj@complexcloth.com to request a start date/availability before registering.

• Six weeks

**After registration, you will receive a welcome email including the supply list. Please download and save this document within 24 hours of registration.

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Madeline Island School of the Arts—July 15-19th, 2019

La Pointe, WI

Workshop: Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Botanical Printing


Northwest Pacific Art School—August 5 - 9th, 2019

Coupeville, WA

Workshop: Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Botanical Printing

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