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Join us!

Seek the strength, creativity and compassion that is already at the core of who you are.

And do it in an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm. 

CST Runs March 1st—December 31st, 2019.



Our online Creative Strength Training course is founded in the belief that creativity is available to everyone. 

Strengthening creative skills—from working with your hands to expanding your thoughts—leads to a greater sense of self, purpose and joy that’s life-changing. 

Learn to analyze clearly, think deeply, engage playfully with art materials and animate the part of you that wants to have more fun—and be your most authentic self in the process. You may even sleep better. Your relationships with other people will undoubtedly improve. 


BONUS Tutorials!

With 2019 Registration, Access These Tutorials From Past Years:

  • Personalizing A Journal: Ideas For Getting Started — Video and PDF

  • An Introduction To Direct Botanical Printing — Video and PDF

  • Using PicMonkey To Create A Self-Portrait — Video

  • Portrait Photo Transfers — Video and PDF

  • Photo Transfer Technique (Acetone, Gel Medium and More!) —Video and PDF

  • Introduction To Paste Papers — Video and PDF


  • Artist Of The Month: Judy Chicago — Video

  • Recipe Of The Month: Composed Salads and Portraiture — Video

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These are our core beliefs:

  • Creativity is not only available to creatives. It is a human and innate ability.

  • Creativity is an essential tool that makes navigating the modern world more rewarding and fun.

  • Community is an important component of creative living.

  • You’re worth it. You deserve to be here.

We are committed to offering a serious, playful, transformative ten-month program with many opportunities for growth and discussion. Seek the strength, creativity and compassion that is already at the core of who you are. And do it in an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm. 

Each month we will explore a key component of living a creative life.




You have made such a difference to so many people this year that it is hard to tell you what you have done.

I hope that you both know how beneficial your work is to help other people to give them a sense that they can get through stuff as well as develop themselves creatively and to have fun exploring plus making new bonds with new people.

On a personal note I wanted to find a way to think of myself as an artist - tick that box - and to find a way to access my inner self so that I can produce art that has meaning if I feel that I need to, as well as to enjoy making for the pure delight of doing so. More tick, tick, tick! I understand the power of writing too which has been a real struggle for me and am actually looking forward to working on my little ideas and concepts book.

Averil C.

A note to tell you how much I appreciate all you do for the CST classes. This is my second time.

The first, I lurked at quite a distant. I am doing much better this time around! I joined the social media group and try to post at least once a month. (I marvel at how connected and responsive you are to the posts. Thank you.) I’m watching all the videos. I do the readings. Am writing in a journal and having fun with archetype exploration. I love your openness and honesty, your willingness to be emotional. Although I am not an “archetype” person, those explorations have helped me see myself through a new lens.

Kim S. New York City, NY

While the spiritual aspects of the CST course are really resonating with me, the artistic side is enlightening as well. 

I think I must have been living under a rock for all that is new to me with regard to professional artists and their works. I never had an art course and am a self-taught quilter/artist so the exposure is wonderful. I love the video conversations between you and Zenna. Not being a Facebook person, I decided that I didn’t need to read every post.  Once a week or so, I scroll through looking at the photos and know that the cursor will guide me to anything that ‘needs’ to be read. THANK YOU, for sharing your skills, talents, insights, and wisdom.

Esther B. Kissimmee, FL

I just wanna say that I’ve enjoyed CST 2018 ever so much, but watching your monthly recipe videos was the tops.

I’ve laughed and giggled with you two every month. You seems to have so much fun together in the kitchen and that must translate into other aspects of your lives. What a pair you are! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve signed up for CST 2019. So looking forward to it. Wishing the very best to both of you.

Emmie S. Stockton, MO

Our CST group was one of the highlights of 2017 For me.

I did some of the exercises, enjoyed the curated sites, and loved watching/listening to the interchange of your points of view in the monthly videos and the essays. You created an environment of trust and sharing for the rest of us. 

Jeanette D. Grand Junction, CO

I started this CST unsure if I was wasting my money because I wasn’t sure I would have time to participate. That all changed with the first project.

This class has added so much to my life, I cannot even begin to tell you. One thing that stands out for me, is that my family went for a walk after flooding rains to check things out. We spent over two hours exploring...even my husband caught the artistic bug and could not stop taking pictures that evening. It was relaxing and fun, and an escape from the work of the day. Thank you Jane & Zenna! I can't wait until CST 2018.

Darlene H. Batavia, IL 

CST has helped me re-evaluate—as an ongoing process rather than in response to a wake up call. The past ten months have brought a stillness and deeper, genuine confidence—new for me.

For these things I am so appreciative. I can be quiet without stress - something not possible a few short years ago.

Most of all, I am forever grateful for the space and forum to consider my life in depth, decide to follow my dream in a field outside of "art" but one which requires every ounce of energy, passion and creativity I possess. I know in my heart none of it would have happened without the inner transformation that is part of CST, Jane, Zenna, and each of you who participated this year. Always, always thankful for all of you. Here's to a new day, new year and new adventures for all of us!

Ali G.  Tarome, Queensland Australia

I cannot thank you and Zenna for all the information you have shared.  This has and is a wonderful journey into understanding me and my life.  So many things I want to share and I will share!  I am saddened that CST 2018 is quickly coming to a close and for that reason and many more I will be in CST 2019. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Joyce M. Rochester, NY

It has been over a year since I last communicated with you, at the end of the ten week CST Course. You may remember from my comments that I struggled with quite a bit in the course, and found it difficult to fully communicate in such a short span of time. However, I want to share with you that I got so much more than either of us would have know, and the strengths of the course are with me constantly.  I've read the CST book, it is so comprehensive. I'm pleased that you have expanded the course as participants will have the opportunity to gain so much more with the extra time for participation. Thank you so much.

Sandra O. Adelaide, South Australia



What To Expect In 2019!

CST encompasses art and art techniques because some of the best examples of how to be creative come from artists—but there’s so much more to it.

That’s why we spend time every single month reviewing creativity from multiple angles. Living is a creative act and we want to make the most of it.

Because we believe cultivating creativity is a daily practice you can expect to touch on some of the same themes as we did in 2018, and the overall structure of each month remains the same.

First, Jane offers a Reflection essay, introducing the month’s topic. The first month we will harness concepts of creative strength training as strategies anyone can use—any time, anywhere. Personal inventorying, for example, sets intentions for the ten-month series by examining desires, dreams, and goals.

In 2019, we’ll continue an exploration of the symbolic language of archetypes, as it intersects with creativity. Archetypes are universal patterns of human behavior. We recognize them in a flash. She’s a mother or maybe a queen or a judge. He’s a prince of a guy, a gambler or a victim. No one has to explain those labels. We’re hardwired to understand them. Each month we’ll discuss one archetype humans have in common.

Next, in monthly Cross-Training exercises, we’ll introduce an artist whose work or personality relates to the archetype of the month and then offer both making and writing to explore the topic further.

Running parallel to the conversation about artists and archetypes will be two other key strategies to cultivate the best creative you.

The Creative Core topic will encourage self care as it relates to play and playfulness. When’s the last time you had some fun? Let’s revisit adult playtime and set aside time for ourselves! We’ll share cooking videos from our own kitchens, among other things!

Finally, Take Heart: Community & Creativity encourages community building by encouraging you to contribute to the online photo gallery, where anyone who participates has a chance to win prizes.

Come along with us, don’t miss a minute of the fun,
and grow into the creative person you were always meant to be.


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A note from Jane:

When I wrote the Creative Strength Training book it was focused on artists. But after lecturing the summer after its publication, I saw the chance to impact other lives creatively. Those who didn’t consider themselves “artists” or “creative” people.

I believe everyone is creative. If it isn’t evident, it’s just waiting to be tapped or cultivated.

This is what we did in 2017: we morphed the ten-week program into a longer and broader version to allow people to take their time, choose their level of participation, do it for a reasonable price, and have some fun.

With a fair amount of coercion, Zenna collaborated with me in 2017. We co-wrote and co-filmed, bringing the perspectives of two ages together. We discovered that the process of self-evolution is wide and deep—and there’s always more work to be done.

We were committed to offering a serious, playful transformative ten-month program with many opportunities for growth and discussion, with the goal of seeking the strength, creativity and compassion that is already at the core of who we are as human beings.

And we plan to do it again. We invite you to join us in 2018–either as a seasoned soul on the path– or as someone new who seeks camaraderie, laughs and sometimes solace or understanding from people who are your tribe. Feeling lost? Feeling perky? YOU have a place in CST.

Write to us with questions. Talk it over with a friend or a group of friends, but do come along on the trek. 

To those who participated this year, a big thank you for sharing thoughts, opinions, art work, photos and contributions to the monthly challenges! We wouldn’t be continuing if we didn’t think this has been a grand opportunity to meet others, converse deeply and build relationships.

If you’re already wondering about participating again, it may help you to know that in 2018, the topics will be the same, but everything else will be new. Sort of like re-reading a book that has a new impact every time you read it. We haven’t exhausted topics like dealing with criticism, seeking grace, adding an extra dose of creative something to every day’s routine. We’ll keep discussing them, but from new angles, reflected in the new videos, new essays, new challenges and new art tutorials. If you enjoyed this year, join us again and consider inviting a friend.  Good things are meant to be shared!

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Jane Dunnewold is an artist who writes. Although her popular book, Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Stories to Inspire Artistic Genius was written to help artists find deeper joy in creating, her strategies apply to anyone seeking a more creative and boldly authentic life. Jane lectures and leads workshops that honor and encourage our human desire to create. She has a degree in psychology and religious studies from Baldwin-Wallace University, and twenty-five years of hands-on training in surface design processes.

Zenna Duke is deeply interested in the world around her. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and History from the University of Texas in Austin and is a RYT-200 Yoga Instructor. Zenna has worked as an advocacy and accompaniment specialist with survivors of sexual assault and is also a web designer and developer. She is excited to join Jane and the vibrant CST community again in 2019.