Patricia W.

Lesson One - Exercise 2 (First Part)

        I have created and attached one Simple example of each of the four strategies for generating balance in the picture world. Each photo is numbered to match the particular example.

        My first example shows Symmetrical Balance. It is divided in half down the middle and each side has the same shapes in the same places.  Because it is not a mirror image it could be called an Informal Symmetrical arrangement.

        The large shapes in the second example are all focused toward the small rectangle at the back. This makes a picture of Asymmetrical Balance using Eye Direction to focus attention on the small rectangle at the top.

        I made a large free hand painted spiral as my version of a Radial Balance.  The center of the spiral is in the center of the painting with the spiral radiating out to the edge, giving it characteristics of this form.

        The fourth photo shows my simple version of a Crystallographic Balance. The background is made of painted squares with a Triangle drawn on each of them. The Andy Warhol example in our notes is a more colorful and complicated version.