Barbara I.

I had a tough time with abstraction… but I wanted to give it a go. This is my first attempt to reduce an object to see what comes forward as a form to manipulate.

Last weekend, my husband and I took our annual anniversary trip – a random meandering through an area of Tennessee. We were fortunate to come upon a student art sale at the Appalachian Center for Craft near Smithville. I took many pictures, but there was a blue glass globe at the base of a tree that caught my attention.


This weekend I took that picture and manipulated it in Photoshop. I noticed a surface element on the globe that appeared in the various iterations of the picture. But it wasn’t until I used the “Pencil Sketch” of the globe that the forms were truly exposed.


I used that image to create an abstraction in fabric. I fused the green batik to a piece of felted wool for a foundation. Next, I used four fabrics from a gradation and cut the surface forms I interpreted from the globe sketch and fused them to the foundation. Next steps could be blanket stitching around the forms or couching some hand-dyed yarn to further emphasize the curves. Not sure… I find the simple design quite pleasing. So, if this qualifies as an abstraction, I think I get it :-)


Thanks!! I've had a dandy time!

If the Open Studio is still an option, I have an idea for a series from Lesson 5. If not, I've had a GREAT time and learned so much!