Barb I. - Project Three and Four

This is a very elementary study to demonstrate size, placement, and transparency.

On March 7th, my daughter, a saddlebred horse trainer and riding instructor, was loading up a U-Haul for a new job near Jefferson City, MO. When she called the farm to say she was getting ready to leave, the owner said she couldn't talk because the barn was on fire. The farm is Fairview Farm in New Bloomfield, MO. They lost their main barn/stall area, the colt barn, and the riding arena. Forty horses survived, but seven perished along with three dogs. I have been dealing with the tragedy of the fire, as well as the now uncertain future for my daughter. As a response, I felt compelled to make something. I cut out three different sizes of saddlebred images and made a sun print with watercolor paint on PDF fabric, and added cheesecloth and tissue paper. Placement, size, and the sun print method created an image of horse souls rising through the smoke. I'm not totally satisfied with the final product, but thought I'd send it as a first draft.