Uta L.

Looking at depth in famous artists’ work I somehow ended up with lots of sculptures, although not entirely so.

The first pictures are photographed off the catalogue of a sculpture garden which extends all the way through Norrland in Norway – Skulpturlanskap, here’s the link - it includes approx. 35 sculptures, some of them in very remote places, and a magnificent project. When I was traveling in the Lofote Islands I went to see some of the sculptures, although I haven’t seen even half of them. They create a special feeling of depth indeed!

Other sculptures which I found pictures of that seemed to create a very special depth-construction are “Suspended” by Menashe Kadishman at Storm King Art Center and 

“Raumform” (shape of space) in Poland (photos taken from book “Destination Art”):

Then Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, which I really want to go and see some day, should I ever get the chance, and other sculptures/installation.

As for paintings, I thought Paula Modersohn Becker is a very interesting case. Her figures – lots of them self-portraits – seem to appear as rather flat faces. But in the second picture, she is using the red flowers and leaves to create the impression that the woman is ‘behind’ these parts.

In my quilts, I have sometimes tried to create depth, but it hasn’t really been very successful, I think. In Shapes XX I tried to do this via value changes, in addition to the changes in size in the squares. However, I’m not satisfied with how the blue side creates less of the effect of withdrawing into the background than the green side. 

Shapes 17 actually has 3D-depth – threads are protruding, and the blue circles are only partly attached.

Shapes 3 in its arrangement of circles also creates a bit of depth.

Then I am adding some recent photos.