Gail N.

Mirek Bialy. This painting shows transparency giving visual depth. 

Nick Naughton. One Day in the Rose Garden. This is a mixed media piece by my son, Nick. It uses linear perspective leading to the White House in the distance which is in contrast to placement of the migrant workers in the field. The known object of the White House is juxtaposed by the field. 

Nick Naughton. Fruitful Harvest. This wood-cut print by Nick uses size, placement and detail to achieve depth with the workers against the brighter plants. 

Vincent Van Gogh. Sunflower. I chose this as an example of value with the different shades of yellow and brown which gives what could be a blah painting depth and interest. 

Han Van Meergren. Christ with the Adultress. The men in the background fade with less detail and placement behind the Christ figure. Interestingly, this painting was bought by Hermann Goring. 

My work. I was thinking about Downton Abbey and the fabulous clothes, fabrics and elaborate trimming. It was a pleasure to watch just for this feast for the eyes. So I started to compose a Deconstructing Downton (title TBD). This is just started, nothing attached. I'm not sure if I'll finish it or start over but if I do I have in mind to sew snaps and hooks and eyes on the background fabric. Perhaps sew beads on the edge of the black curved piece. I'm not sure how this reflects our lesson, but it has depth with the found materials and lace, which would be loose.