Priscilla S.

Again, I spent pretty much two full days with many art books looking for pieces which reflected the illusion of depth and dimension.  I was drawn to more modern and abstract pieces as they felt more challenging to figure it out.  Also I aimed to bring in different art media/techniques. Some of my examples feel rather subtle but maybe it was those I was most intrigued by.  And some I didnt have a sure answer for.

TWO BODIES, by Geluniene, is a tapestry creating depth with the use of reference to   a recognizable object; light coming from her right; shadow from her leg; and color in the body contours.

RODO by Basquiat is a painting which creates depth by reference to the back wall; placement of the man and chair with the chair falling off the front of the picture, BUT interestingly, the figure is flat but placed in a dimensional room.

CHRISTINA’S WORLD by Andrew Wyeth is an iconic painting using several techniques designed to imply depth including placement of Christina in the foreground;  size with the house in the background much smaller; and detail of the foreground .  This picture is personal for me as my brother in law lived on a hill overlooking this location in Pennsylvania.

THE MIGRATION SERIES, THEY WERE VERY POOR by Jacob Lawrence (12” x 18”) is a painting reflecting depth with the use of placement of the table and two people in the picture world; and, so interestingly, the purse hanging on a nail which appears to be quite a distance back.

HER HAIR GROWS by Margaret Scott is a silk chiffon and wool felted piece which, while the depth is subtle, it is reflected by the overlapping of the young girl against a book; the shape of the hands combing? the hair; and the light and color shading of the girl’s face. I’m not sure of the white transparencies impact on depth? 

INFANTA SERIES by Elisabeth Tarr which was made with painted paper and stitch (40” x 24”) reflects dimensionality through the use of size of the two people; size of the steps; placement of girl; color in girl’s dress; and linear perspective. Again,  there is transparency but i’m not sure that impacts depth. 

CURTAIN CALL FOR APHRODITE by Lori Pelish is a pieced quilt which reflects depth through placement; different sizes and colors of the women; and lessening of detail in background. 

AT THE WINDOW by Audrey Walker, one of my favorite artists, is a hand and machine stitched piece reflecting depth with overlap of the curtain to the woman to the background; light coming in from the woman’s left; and the coloring of her face.

PASSAGES OF TIME by Jan Beaney, another of my favorite artists, isa hand and machine stitched piece reflecting depth through color and value as they diffuse up from the foreground ; and size of the mountains compared to the foreground flower patch.

EVE FALLING FROM GRACE by Alice Kettle, another of my favorite artists (92” x 62”) is a machine embroidery piece which I had to include because it is not easy for me to figure out.  The light appears to be coming from the foreground or perhaps from the sky (sun) and so that could account for the leaves? being lighter in the foreground than the background.  The placement of the figure might suggest depth.  Confusingly, there is a shadow from the light off the figure’s body, but not the face.    Could this be an aerial view and then how would the depth principles apply?

LYTES CARY MANOR GARDEN by Jane Haigh, is a wool embroidery reflecting depth through size; overlap; color; value; and linear dimension.  I dont know what the two black columns framing the entrance are referred to as a technique for suggesting depth but they help me to feel as if I’m entering some place behind them. I guess it could be overlap.  I’ve noticed the technique a lot.

YOUR TECHNOLOGY FAILS US, YOU ME, by Jules de Balincort, reflects depth through overlapping, although I didnt see any other techniques used and it’s interesting , as the piece does feel dimensional with a thick bundle of stripes taking up dimensional space in front of a white background.

VIGOROUS BLOCKADE, a painting by Jacob Feige,  reflects depth by overlap of the ladder, large piece of wood, and icicle like forms in front of the what appears to be a covered entranceway to some different space.  It’s the black ceiling of the walkway which most gives me the feeling of depth and i’m not sure how to describe or name that as a technique.

ANGEL PINK by Chris Vasell, a painting, reflects depth via overlap of the colored stripes in the foreground against the massive triangular form against the reddish pinkish background behind the massive form and then the value changes at the top of the painting.

UNTITLED a painting by Agnieska Brzezanska, reflects depth through size and value of the circles; overlap; and transparency.

UNTITLED, a painting by Katarina Grosse, reflects distance through placement in the picture world, especially with the bed coming off the front of the picture; and linear perspective. 

AFTER COROT, a painting by Howard Hodgkin, using what I’ll call the frame through which one enters to a distant part of the picture.    This is probably overlap. Also, the foreground line between the entrance.   

UNTITLED by Rebecca Salter, is a painting which indicates depth only because of the slight slit in the gray foreground behind which something intriguing lies.  I suppose this would be overlap?

THE NEWS by Jasper Johns is a painting which reflects depth through color; linear perspective; and placement of the black posts in the picture field.

UNTITLED, a painting by Berndt Ribbeck,  reflects depth through the use of transparency; and overlap to get to the large white shiny area in the background. 

DOOR TO THE SEA by Betsy Benjamin is painted on silk (78” x 29”) and reflects depth with the size of stepping stones at the bottom of the picture and moving back through the white archway to the sea.

APOCALYPTIC LANDSCAPE by Ludwig Mudner, is a painting reflecting depth through placement; and different sizes of objects.  

SEX AND THE SEASIDE by Paddy Killes is a painted and machine embroidered piece reflecting depth through placement of the figures in reference to smaller cafes and even smaller city in the far background.

CHEERING CROWD by Wayne Gonzales, a painting, uses overlap of rows of people to achieve depth.  Again, could this be an aerial view? 

NUMINA a painting by Carrie Moyer, uses overlap, transparency, and color against a neutral background to create depth.  As I look at this again, could it also just be a flat painting as the figures themselves are flat?  

THREE FRIENDS by Helen Banzhaf is a raised machine embroidery reflecting dimension through size; and overlapping.

GRAPHIC OBJECT by Mira Schendel, is a painting which creates depth with the use of size and values of the lettering.. 

EDWARD HOPPER’S painting reflects depth through the detail of the house and surrounding area juxtaposed against the receding background due to value; size; and coloring.