Deborah M.

Here are some balance images: 

The first, by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh is my crystallographic example. It also demonstrates assymetrical balance achieved via color. But, it's also symmetrical, isn't it?

The next is a painting by Andrew Wyeth. It balances asymmetry via value.

The radial balance is an image taken from a greeting card.

The quilt by Jan Myers Newbury is an example of symmetrical balance, with small variation when the 2 sides are compared.

The next is a quilt by Dijanne Cevaal. The asymmetry is balanced by shape.

In the quilt by Gwen Marston, it seems to me that the asymmetry is balanced by shape, color and line.

Then, there's the National Geographic photo which demonstrated asymmetry that's balanced by the diagonals that lead the eye. The roofline, the stilts supporting the hut and the road all accomplish this.

The last is a painting by Sorolla. The asymmetrical balance here is one of position/fulcrum. The figure is just to the left of center, and more detailed than the rectangular shape on the right that provides balance.

Almost forgot this image by David Lance Goines. It's almost symmetrical, but not quite. The asymmetry is balanced by the hair shape balancing the curvy lines of the garment. So beautiful! Love his work!