Debbie B.

I'm just getting started with this first assignment (hello everyone!). Looking for these examples was a treat (hard to stop); then it was fun to analyze them. I chose an example of each type of organization to share.

Symetrical balance

The organization of this painting by Matisse is symetrical, even though it's not exactly symetrical with slightly different elements on each side. It has a lot of energy with those bright colors, but it feels very balanced.

This tiny painting is another example. The butterfly wings are exactly symetrical, with the Istanbul image below.

Asymetrical balance

This Monet haystack painting has a heavy area of dark, dull color on the left, but the brighter colors and small tree shapes on the right makes it feel balanced.

Radial balance

This gorgeous window in the Sagrada Familia is clearly radial, but with interesting variations in color and line.

Crystallographic balance

Here we have a beautiful Phillip Taafe frieze. It's a repeat of the same tree pattern that's somehow more stunning with the multiple images on the grass-like base. Love this!