Paulette C. - Optional Exercise


The star of this picture is the red flowers on the white fence.(I have cropped it so it’s placement isin the bottom 1/3 of the picture)  There is the contrasting colourcomplement of the green grass & hills with the bright red flowers.  

The supporting cast is the rest of the horizontals in the picture-the hills & the cloudsand the fence & house and background trees. 

 There is a small speaking role for the vertical green palm tree in the left top third of the picture as it does pull my eye up to the clouds & then in a circular fashion back to the star attraction the red flowers.  


AT first I thought that this picture did not have a focal point—no star—however as i studied it more closely I noticed the 3 green leaves in the picture.  Then my eye cast about for more & the yellow leaf with the blueish leaf on the edge of the piece drew my eye down.  Then almost in the middle there is a similar bluish group that pulled my eye into the middle of the piece.  However as my eye continued to search for more   there are many supporting cast leaf members that keep me rather involved in this chaotic picture


This is a one woman show with the star on central stage.  The complexity of the shape & texture contrasts with the linear supporting case quietly & simply replicating the vertical nature of the star.  There is a quiet repetition of the star with the small speaking role for the shadow which is a simplified & pared down version of the main act. 

#4 Sky

The star is the vertical cloud structure within the cloud crowd scene. The clouds themselves & the foreground hills  thecontrast withthe bright value of the focal point.  The road on the left pulls my eye into the cloud structure providing a circular movement around the picture.  

#5 Grey Spike Flowers

The similar shapes of the surrounding flowers but large value & size contrast make the focal point the central flower.  The placement of it in the top 1/3 also fives it importance.  

#6 Rock Pile

The red focal point really works in this picture 

The simplicity of the blue sky & curve of the orange complement in the landscape give the rocky pedestal import by repeating the orange colour but high visual textural & shape contrast