Linda V.

Week 3 baffled me and I got into some other projects and am a bit behind in both week 3 week 4.  I am plodding along. I am a bit overwhelmed trying to interpret these concepts to feltmaking, but I really want to. I actually I tried to coordinate color, vary size and add texture. Originally, it was actually one large piece 18" x 24" and I cut the piece into 4 sections, which seemed to work. Not all the images make sense as far as depth and focal point, but I will try to explain what I see in them. Feedback on where to go and what to do will be greatly appreciated

#1 image Focal Point and Depth

in this image, I think the red blob with the turquoise blue spikey flower like thing may be competing focal points. 

There is repetition in the 3 upright tree like trunks on the right side and depth created by the diagonal path going from lower right to upper left.

#2 image no focal point and no depth

Here I tried to create a focal point by adding the dark triangular piece over the red to counterbalance the large teal section that I embroidered on to tone it down.

#3a image no focal point and no depth

This is the same piece as #2 image without the small triangular piece on it. Again, nothing stands out. Is there something I can do to this to make it pop.

#3b image no focal point and no depth

#3a image no depth and no focal point.png

Here is the same image, I rotated and moved the darker triangular shape to see if it made a difference. Not sure but I think the triangular piece does add more interest, not sure what else I can do.

#4 image depth

This piece could have some balance, the larger right side balancing the smaller darker left side and then the bright path from lower right to upper diagonal left with the tips of the darker points overlapping and creating a bit of depth here. It is almost an aerial view of a garden area and city lot. 

#5 image allover design of color and shapes

In this piece there are smaller to slightly larger squarish pieces in different colors going from left to slightly upper and back right, which may create movement and depth, not too sure. There are 3 areas that could be challenging for the viewer. The 4 squares I just tried to describe, the 3 'almost the same size' dots, in the upper center right and on the left the diagonal greenish teal strip with dot like texture in it pointing down towards the right/center. To me, there is nothing that pulls this together. Suggestions.

I think I am too busy adding elements. I also am not able to understand or see the layers in felt, though I understand principles in felt to make light and darker areas. When  I start working, I have no idea where I am going. Hard to interpret ideas for me, always has been.

I will try lesson 3&4 again after feedback. Onto lesson 4 in more depth (ha ha).