Lesson Two: Part 2 - Gail N.

My projects. 

Composition #1. I used a small print and then made purple circles. Pretty dull. Added yellow and blue-green, which added contrast and spark. The color and shapes create contrast while the sizes -relatively the same- provide a relationship that holds it together. The yellow buttons draw the eye from the spiral to the top of the rectangle. It's simple but it works. 

Composition #2. I stamped dark red fabric with a black figure. Since I didn't have any stamps or time to paint, I made a stamp from apotato (hello elementary art classes). In the end the fabric was hard to work with because of the heavy contrast of the motifs and overall darkness. 

I needed strong colors and forms to work on the background so I started cutting pieces of fabric and auditioning different colors and this is where I stopped. It has the upward thrust of the long rectangles which take the eye to the top but the base rectangle and edge balance the heft. The small pieces relate to the stamped motifs in shape and size and help soften the background. This is one of those exercises where you never know when to stop. It's been fun, though.