Lesson Two - Martha T.


Image 1 of Hopper’s People in the Sun, analyzed for contrast and relationship.

Color: Complementary blue and yellow-orange relates landscape to shadows and door/window. Red scarf and green blanket give contrast to blue & gold color scheme.  Multiple hues of blues and golds add relationship.

Size:  Detailed chair legs contrast with broad color masses of landscape.

Shape: Long horizontal sweeps of landscape and shadows create relationship, but give contrast against triangles of chair legs and diagonals of people’s legs and even the hat brim.  Many angles (arms, legs, chair legs, shadows)  point toward unseen object outside the picture world, bringing that object into relationship.

Image 2 of Picasso’s Brick Factory at Tortosa rendered in black and white

Top: Black and white with no other changes reveals more angles than color version.

Middle:  Traced outlines of edges shows complexity of this composition.

Bottom:  Photoshopped version, using Filters, is pleasing and balanced.  It makes me wonder what Picasso “saw” when he began to draw this, that is,  how his eye reduced, then enhanced it.