Lesson 2.2 - Paulette C.

Lawren Stewart HarrisAbstraction #119

Study of Contrast & Relationship


Harris uses complementary colours of blue ( with the darker blues serving on the outside edges as a frame to keep the eye inside the piece) & the orange sprinkled around the inside of the piece . The analogous blues develop the relationship by utilizing a variety of blues in value; size; texture & shapes throughout the piece.

b Size- Lawren Harris builds both contrast & relationship with the variety of sizes of semi-circles;& mostly-incomplete rectangles & triangles.

c.Shapes & Texture-The semi circles are distributed diagonally across the bottom half of the piece. They contrast in size, value & colour (analogous & complementary) which works tounite the overall visual of the piece. The cloud shapes are similar to the more graphic semi-circles but add contrasting texture as well.

d.Value- The complexity of the top yellow triangle is developed by the use of tints of yellow that make this figure even more complex with the interspersed grey thatadds both dimension & depth to the shape.  The collective difference in values throughout this pieces keeps the viewers eye within this piece.

e. Stylistic -Contrasting triangles & semi-circles(varying in size, value, colour) sprinkled throughout this piecescreate an interesting complex contrast while their shape & graphic style create unity at the same time.  

f. ThematicThis piece uses both contrast & relationship to illustrate the drama & majesty of the Rocky Mountains.