Lesson 2.1 - Paulette C.

Emily Carr - The Crazy Stair 1928-30

Focus 1-FIGURE

I feel that the upper left-hand Figure is the most dominant in this piece for me.

The relationship between the dark value in the face contrasts with the higher values of red/ orange/ brown/white of the mouth, eye & nose. The rest of this rectangular body contains these contrasts as well which contributes to the compelling overall drama.   

Focus 2- CANOE

The relationship of dark values colours between the Canoe and Figure works as does their contrasting shapes.  The shapes contained within the canoe are differing sized trianglesthat contrast in value & colour withthe canoe & the figure above it.  These small triangles have enough high-value colors orange(relating to figure)with the yellow triangles connecting the two small red rectangles to pull my eye along to the third focus— the stairs.

Focus 3 STAIRS

The stairs have smaller, rectangular, individual shapes working to establish the relationship of the stair’s overall shape. These smaller unit rectangles have higher value and different colours that contrast with thegreen background. This works to move my eye up the right side of the piece up to the Long Houses. Although these Long Houses are large, of higher value perhaps it is their lack of texture but they are such a high contrast from the Figure that it pushes my eye to the Figure again after a brief“dalliance” to study the Raven above .

The high value “Halo” behind the head of the Figure & Ravenadds to the visual relationship between these two figures.