Linda V.

Contrast and Relationship

I am still here, just slow to respond.

I have not analyzed any formal art pieces except the ones that I used for muses. Well the artist I looked into was Paul Klee. I really like his art.

I have NO art training, thus no experience with any art mediums.

So all that I have accomplished is trial and experiment.

Choice #1, is a 5 minute let go study of value, color shape and size.

I did go back and add some variation in red orange circles.

Title: 5 minute study

Choice #1a

I used layers of water color. Shapessquare'esque', so to speak. Color and value, and shape entered into this piece.

Title: I like Paul Klee

Choice #1b

More of Paul Klee influence. 

Water color layers and ink

Title: I like Paul Klee 2

Choice #2

Composition 2

I used pastels to color the background, inks to make very abstract and random bird shapes, used collage techniques to form the large bird woman, and charcoal and graphite to make the larger bird.

All built on relationships

Title: Fly

Again Choice #2

Composition 2

I used charcoal for background, cut magazines to create abstract person like image and pen and ink line drawing accented with red ink and colored pencil

Title: Free

Here are 3 other water color, pastel, charcoal, ink pieces I did a while ago. I love circles, Title: Circles and Dots, and also biology and cells, which are circular, Cells and Cells 2.



Cells 2

Cells 2

Circles and Dots

Circles and Dots

Here are the descriptions of what I tried to do to complete the assignment.

5 Minute Study

I used a background of text, used water color in analogous colors, yellow/orange/red

Circles would be the theme

I added smaller circles with black pen giving movement horizontally

Very subtle circles in red-orange

And then added larger circles in complimentary color green

I tried to use tonal changes to add some depth

I Like Paul Klee

My first experience using water colors

I varied depth of color, and for contrast used complimentary color

Orange/blue; red/green

Repetition of squares, varying sizes with some transparency to create visual interest

Trying to create a feeling of depth and floating movement

I Like Paul Klee 2

More water color

Using the compliments of red and green again

Rectangles of definite varying sizes

I added the black pen squiggles because I felt it needed a pop


Tonal contrast and line contrast

The thin pen/ink line contrasts with the cut line of the magazine

Not sure if the red adds or is too much

Texture of the print on the magazine contrasts with the rubbed charcoal background


Focused on theme. Fly/birds

Used analogous colors yellow green blue

Abstraction of birds (I don’t have stamps and attempts at making subtle birds did not work for me)

Cut collage in tones abstracting a woman with wings focused on the black crow flying away in the upper corner

May have to many or too dark background birds distracting from the woman with wings