Shannon M.

I am sending you some photos of my project and some info, so you can see I am building a project. I am using the new language of design that I have to learned to describe my development.

I have based my project on a Quilting Arts magazine article from the June/July 2015 issue. It was called, Blanket Stitch.

I choose a 9X12 piece of yellow acrylic felt, with red and blue for a triadic color scheme. I began with a large spiral for a background/crowd scene. I then covered that with painted cheesecloth and tulle to add texture and contrast. I maintained the spiral theme by adding 4 more smaller spirals, contrast in size, and now am adding blue starsfor unity and relationship.These items are my 'supporting cast.' The portion of the red doily that can be seen will develop into my focal point.

My design is partly spontaneous and partly planned. I'll think out one step, and then see what happens next for direction. I am using the Fibonacci/Golden Mean, idea for my proportions.

I will forge ahead!