Patricia W.

Lesson 4,  Exercise 1,  Part 3:  "Use as many means of creating depth as possible."


I created One composition with several illusions of Depth and Dimension.

With Transparent paint (as Transparency), I used Overlapping in a series of circles using different colors for each one. I also used Ordering Size starting with the small yellow circle (over half way up the picture world) and coming close to the bottom of the picture ending in a larger violet/purple circle. This part of the picture (as well as others) also show an example of Placement (Elements higher in this composition look farther away and larger ones look closer to the viewer).

Color is also represented by this first string of colored circles and by the boxes which use combinations of Contrasting Colors to give more attention to the three dimensional boxes (in a 2 dimensional picture).  They are also in varying Sizes depending on how close they are to the bottom (close up) or the top (farther away) in this composition.

Value is shown on the left side of the picture with light to dark orange colors. Sizes also grow larger toward the bottom of this string of circles. I began with white and added a small drop of orange and then added more orange until the last is all orange.

Texture (sister to Detail) is shown in the black marks on the large vase-like object.

It could be said that the series of boxes show Aerial Perspective and the multicolored circles show Linear Perspective.