Patricia W. - Part Two

Lesson 3 - Exercise 2

This exercise is to create Studies demonstrating a variety of strategies used to create a focal point.

Photo number 2 was originally begun showing Contrast: Vertical Elements plus Horizontal Elements with the Focal Point at one place where they met (as I understand it).  That was not working very well so I kept slowly adding the free drawn elements (with paint and a brush).  Since most elements were irregular, it ended up fitting in the Contrast: Irregular or Amorphous elements plus one or more Representational Element (the 3-D and the square boxes).  I hadalso begun using an analogous color scheme which changed I think.


Photo number 3 was intentionally begun to show the Isolation example.  I ended up adding more color to the element by itself on the left in order to balance the composition and make sure the isolated circle was indeed the Focal Point.