Patricia W.

Lesson 3 -  Exercise 2 is to create Studies demonstrating a variety of strategies used to create a focal point.

I used paper that said it took all mediums, a bit larger 11” x 14” than before.

This Study shows Placement: 3B off center with elements of other features directing the eye toward it.

It also shows Repetition (repeating a form or shape in several variations).

The colors I chose are Red-Orange and Blue-green (or close to “blue green”) which are Complementary.

When I first painted the first draft, it only had the 3 long, dark pointed strips and my eyes kept going back and forth between the red-orange and the 3 long “blue-green” elements.  After I added the 3 lighter, smaller blue green elements, I then focused on the red-orange Focal Point as I intended.

I am hoping to finish at least one more example that is sketch with colored markers to give me an idea of what I might create.