Shannon M. - Part Two

Assignment 2A; Choice #1

I have made a series of 3 cards with similar elements. I will describe their variations in the following paragraphs. I seldom go out to buy card or collage materials with a singular purpose in mind. I rather like to put something together from what I have already acquired or that which comes my way.

1.) To create a unified piece, I kept the color choices to a tint of blue-green, with contrasting elements of the fonts of dissimilar words. I used the birdfocal point to contrast with the 'N', referencing nests. The 'take a picture' element is to add texture and to also reference bird watchers. Thematically the card hasa cohesive style. Contrasting values appear in the appearance of the bird. Plus there is size difference with the large bird, tiny print in the 'N', and medium sized font of 'take a picture.'

Choice #2; #2

2.) I like the stage analogy of the background/crowd scene. So I started with muted,. But tonally appropriate, print and contrasting tine of red orange to pop against the pastel green background. Then I added the idea 'dream,' to create a contrast between the fonts, and to pull the background color into the foreground again. Finally, I added the 'oiseaux' as a focal point because it maintained the value of the rest of the card and had the same contrast tine of red-orange . The 3 silver toned brads add texture and contrast to the composition.

Choice #2, #1

3.) For this final card, I remained with the theme of birds by including the elements of 'N', 'oiseaux', and the large illustration of the empty nest. The blue-green background is favorable with the decorative elements. The similar elements of the 'N' and the 'oiseaux,' bring the viewer back to the bird theme and to dream as birds would about their next brood of babies.