Patricia W. - Part Two

Lesson 2 – Exercise 2 – Second Composition Demonstrating Contrast and Relationship

For this second composition under Exercise 2, Choice #1, I used a Triad color scheme of Orange, Green and Purple showing Contrast. The backing is 10oz cotton (almost a canvas). It is somewhat larger that those I made for lesson one (about 10” wide x 9” high).

The 2 elements on each side show Shapes that are similar but in slightly different sizes. If we were to cut the images out, we could see that the two shapes come near to fitting together along the curved edges (Relationship).

The three main shapes are also Related by having Curved edges.

Patricia W.

Lesson 2 Exercise 2 – Choice #1


I tried a lot of sketches and painted 3 or 4 that I did not like. I finally chose the attached composition on water color paper using fabric paint.

Contrast is shown in two complementary colors: As close as I could come to Red-Violet and its complement Yellow-Green. The background is painted in Yellow-Green (mixed with white to lighten). All the elements are in Red-Violet.

Relationship is shown in the Red-Violet circles which are also related to the spirals.

It is my intention to do a second composition on the cotton Duck (since it is closer to the canvas I want to use for my quilts) but I may not have time before I need to learn about Lesson 3

Shannon M. - Part Two

Assignment 2A; Choice #1

I have made a series of 3 cards with similar elements. I will describe their variations in the following paragraphs. I seldom go out to buy card or collage materials with a singular purpose in mind. I rather like to put something together from what I have already acquired or that which comes my way.

1.) To create a unified piece, I kept the color choices to a tint of blue-green, with contrasting elements of the fonts of dissimilar words. I used the birdfocal point to contrast with the 'N', referencing nests. The 'take a picture' element is to add texture and to also reference bird watchers. Thematically the card hasa cohesive style. Contrasting values appear in the appearance of the bird. Plus there is size difference with the large bird, tiny print in the 'N', and medium sized font of 'take a picture.'

Choice #2; #2

2.) I like the stage analogy of the background/crowd scene. So I started with muted,. But tonally appropriate, print and contrasting tine of red orange to pop against the pastel green background. Then I added the idea 'dream,' to create a contrast between the fonts, and to pull the background color into the foreground again. Finally, I added the 'oiseaux' as a focal point because it maintained the value of the rest of the card and had the same contrast tine of red-orange . The 3 silver toned brads add texture and contrast to the composition.

Choice #2, #1

3.) For this final card, I remained with the theme of birds by including the elements of 'N', 'oiseaux', and the large illustration of the empty nest. The blue-green background is favorable with the decorative elements. The similar elements of the 'N' and the 'oiseaux,' bring the viewer back to the bird theme and to dream as birds would about their next brood of babies.

Shannon M.

Assignment 1A

Contrast Elements -

     Color- tint of blue green, tint of golden yellow, and tint of orange red.

    Value- changes in values provide depth.

     Shape- rectangular, circular, palmate leaves with both a smooth edge and a serrated edge, pear shapes, and curvilinear lines.

     Textures- smoothness of bowl, curvilinear lines in the background, jagged edge of leaf, bowl with unmixed lines of color in design, smooth and even black outlines that define boundaries.

     Thematic Contrast. There is a variety of shapes and color as a unifier. The elements of this photo (I thought it was a painting!), are balanced and organized to create harmony.

Attributes of Relationship- The harmonious relationship of the colors, values, line, and contrast make this photo well thought out by the artist. I love the tiny bit of orange red down at the bottom. We almost don't see it. But, it adds so very much to the entire composition.

Cross Reference - Yes, color, shapes, and textures create contrast and relationship.

Assignment 1B

Contrast Elements -

     Color-  Variety of color; many are yellow based.

    Value- While there are color changes, the values are similar.

    Shape -rectangles of different width; circles of different diameter; lines meander .

    Texture- 'grid' lines define a texture, as do the repetition of the various diameters of the circles.

     Size- width of rectangles; diameter of circles; lines meander, but are the same size, smallest in the design.

      Stylistic Contrast - Similar elements throughout the design.

Attributes in Relationship - Unity in design and values. This publication cover makes an appropriate statement regarding the content of the publication.

Cross Reference- Yes, the same elements create contrast and relationship.

Assignment 1C

Contrast Elements- 

     Color- Flesh tones; pant color; gold decoration; reflective light on the floor; grey wall color:light area coming through the window.

     Value- Dark and light of the room, window, walls, men, their tools and the floor;random shapes of materials at the back of the painting.

     Shapes- Contrast betweenthe men's bodies; the curls of the wood shavings; decorative rectangles; curvy iron work.

    Texture- Unevenness of the floor, smoothness of the bodies, decorative iron work; relief in the decorative rectangles.

      Size - Men in front are larger; iron work in the back of the painting is much smaller; decorative rectangles on the wall are medium sized; perspective of the floor lines.

    Thematic Contrast - the richness of the room decoration, contrasting with the laborers and their job. 

Attributes in Relationship- this painting has wonderful composition, as it appears as one would see in real life; repairs being done to an apartment in Paris. The light direction, the values of colors, the men's action and their job.

Cross Reference- Yes, the same elements were used to create contrast and relationship.