large pad of white drawing or watercolor paper notebook for writing exercises

pens and/or pencils

colored pencils

colored markers – an assortment of these is optional, as is a set of watercolors or other


glue stick

bottle glue

black art paper (8.5” x 11”) Here’s an example. scissors for paper and cloth

cutting mat

#11 exacto knife


small washcloth or rag

• digital camera and computer program that will allow you to work with photos when needed 

Some exercises riff on whatever you already have in the studio – or suggest a number of options, which may require a small purchase. Be open to what you already have on hand when the week suggests using materials from your current stash. Some of the suggestions, for example, use unfinished art work, stitching, assemblage and re- purposing. Most of us have plenty of raw material to get these exercises started.