Single Crayon Add On

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Single Crayon Add On


Please either select "Pick Three" or the "Color Wheel Set" before adding additional crayons to your order.

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These crayons are made from a proprietary soy wax formula combined with fiber reactive MX dyes. Crayons are perfect for drawing, writing and frottage (rubbings) on any natural fabric including cotton, silk, linen and rayon. Crayons are stable and will last for several years if stored in a cool, dry place, in a closed container. 

Fiber reactive dyes require a fixative - which sets color permanently on the fabric.

Fixative is NOT added to the crayon formula, so fabric must be pre-activated. Do this by soaking it in either a solution of soda ash and water (for plant based fabrics) or vinegar and water (for protein-based fabrics).

Dry fabric prior to applying the crayon.

View the guidelines for additional tips and instructions.