Sacred Planet Series

Sacred Planet Installation I.jpg

The Sacred Planet Series was inspired by photographs taken in the Perth Natural History Museum. The glass case reflections lent an eerie quality to the pictures, as if the inhabitants were literally vanishing into thin air. The symbolic potential of the photos struck me immediately.

Photographs are digitally printed on cloth. Mirror imaging generates intricate designs - plant and animal subjects again disappear into the overall patterning. 

Collages of digitally printed fabricsare over-printed with maps, weather charts and other imagery, encouraging the viewer to contemplate: “How do human systems work against graceful patterns inherent in the natural order?”

There is a sacred balance between what is seen and unseen, natural and human-made. Living creatures contribute to this sacred balance and must not be permitted to vanish from our global home.


Butterflies/Thistle detail


Pride of Barbados/Mask

Smoke Tree/Elephant

Smoke Tree/Elephant detail