Trials and Tribulations: One Artist’s Journey

2017 New Zealand Quilt Symposium

Christchurch, New Zealand


Taxonomy of Art Quilts

2015 International Quilt Festival

Houston, Texas, USA

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Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist's Journey

"BUILDING STAMINA AND SEEKING GRACE: THE ARTIST'S JOURNEY" illustrates the connection between human existence and creative productivity, highlighting the successes and roadblocks along the way.

2014 Silk Painters International Festival

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Reflections on Creative Strength Training

2016 Studio Art Quilt Association

An extension of thoughts on Creative Strength Training, a concept first imagined in 2013, now an ONLINE COURSE AND PUBLISHED BOOK.

La Conner, Washington, USA


Artists Looking at Art Series: The McNay Art Museum

"Jane Dunnewold’s textiles fuse fine art and traditional quilting techniques, resulting in works rich with tradition and innovation. By layering dyed patterns and using different types of cloths from around the world, Dunnewold offers a sense of exoticism that is otherwise grounded in an inherently disciplined craft.”

June 13, 2013

McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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