Mary Ann A.

Paints, Cloth and Printing

Here are some results that I am willing to share.  Piece 1A: I believe the colors fulfilled monochromatic conditions set out in the exercise.  Piece 3B: I didn’t quite fulfill the conditions set out in the exercise. The accent piece is not the same color as the background.  Through the paint on palette seemed similar, on the fabric it turned out much lighter.  My second try didn’t meet the mark either, but did create a interesting dimension that I hadn’t expected  Piece 4A:  This piece missed the mark. I have to admit that in doing the various exercises, I often found myself going off on a design tangent and forgetting the conditions set out in the exercises.   And 4A is an example of this.  I reworked this piece several times. I even thought about tossing the piece into my rummage art pile.  The low intensity color mixes kept fading into the background.   So when it came to adding a high intensity element, I kept thinking that I needed a complement element to offset the dark background, forgetting the condition that the element color was to match the background.   The fourth piece that I am sharing is an intuitive piece that I have started as a “play” piece to freely apply color ideas glean from all the color lessons.