Focal Point - Niki B.

Boy, you could spend a month playing with these four assignments for week #4!

It was such a relief to be free of painting in the lines, that I got BIG paper and BIG brushes, cranked up the music and went to town! For assignment #4, I thought it was worth sharing how different the muted complements (BLUE VIOLET & YELLOW ORANGE) in their varied values looked against white, an achromatic gray and black.

I had so much fun and was learning so much that I did it all again using YELLOW GREEN & RED VIOLET.

So, here's the second set. I settled down and got more collage-y. I used my yellow green and red violet papers, but not for assignment #3. I drew from my first set for the best solution to that problem.

For assignment #3, although I intended all along to crop it down, I really liked the way the geometric lineup of shapes seemed to float upon its organic, energetic background. Also, when I cropped in on the collage for assignment #3, even though I intended the muted yellow orange to be perceived as the brightest color, I was intrigued by the strength of that tiny triangle of very tinted-out blue violet at the bottom left corner. Such contrast to that deep shade of blue violet behind it.

Finally, although assignment #4 has a total of eighteen separate pieces, I think it works because they are all the same shape and size, and the diagonal bands of red/green/red/green/red/green help minimize visual confusion. Therefor the viewer's eye can concentrate on all the interplay of hue, value and intensity going on in the composition. The background is an achromatic gray.