Intensity - MK S.

Intensity - or, Oh That's Where Muddy Comes From. 

With this lesson, I felt the strong urge to compare notes with my classmates. I was plagued with "am I doing this right?" as I painted strips and really would have enjoyed some face time to see how others approached this. I think I will want to watch Jane do the painting demo again before I attempt a second set. It looked so easy when Jane did it and I wrote in my notes "scuff it up"....but when I sat down to do it, I had no confidence in my scuffing ability. Ha!

As a mixed media artist, I am always trying to AVOID muddy results. So it was a battle for me mentally to look at my strips and see mud appear on every one. Lesson three, I think I'm going to have to dance with you a bit more. I have more to learn!