Value - MK S.

Lesson 2 progress: 12 down and 12 to go. And one gulp of paint water nearly down the hatch! Oh, yes I did. In the zone, I grabbed my paint water for a gulp instead of my clean water. Instantly, I realized my error and back into the glass it went. Yes, Jane, this color wheel painting is meditative indeed. Gotta laugh at myself and just keep painting! 

I am amazed at the nuances of color that were rendered in this exercise. I did see instantly when I had not achieved the proper progression/blend. I intend to use more of the "test strip" method that Jane showed in Lesson 1 as I complete the next set of 12 wheels.

As a lovely by-product of this exercise I had fun paying attention to my associations with different colors.....Pepto Bismol pink, the cornflower blue of my grandmother's Sunday dress, the denim blue of Levi's, mustard yellow made me hungry for a hot dog, etc. Color is such a powerful tool and I am grateful to be making progress (slowly!) on this path.