Intensity - Niki B.

Oh man, I'm late, I'm late! Flashbacks of saying the dog ate my homework. He didn't co-operate; he prefers salmon.

I didn't have time to do more than the most basic strip combos for Intensity Week, but I just had to to say how jazzed I was with  the entire page of "intensity blendings". And the cross section! Wow! I can see the possibilities here, even though I haven't the time to paint all of them. Week #4 is going to be a BLAST!

Hey fellow artists, I was was listening to the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams on YouTube today as I was cooking and I came across this one video of his "A London Symphony". The person who had "posted(?) it" accompanied the music with a series of fantastic 19th century paintings of London. WAIT until you see how our homework pays off in art appreciation. YOU TOO will be able to make work like this in another week or two!

(Lots of atmospheric perspective. Poor London; not a lot of sunny days....)

Link here.