Intensity - Mary Ann A.

Focus: Intensity

My first photo of the complementary scales shows my novice efforts in making the various scales. The results definitely show a need for better execution. However, working on the exercise did demonstrate for me how artists mixed certain color palettes to achieve a certain visual mood within their composition.

My second photo depicts a watercolor painting that I came across as I was sorting out my strips and trying to figure out the various blends.  I placed my blue/orange complementary scale below the painting of the adobe church. This comparison illustrated for me how the artist achieved the right color blending to show the warmth of the adobe church wall and soft light of the closing day reflected off it.  

Seeing the above comparison lead me to pull out a piece of dyed fabric that I didn’t particularly liked. I used what I have I learn so far about color play to mark the fabric to see what visual interest might be created, if any.  My third photo shows the results of my efforts to incorporate color play into the marking process.  My reaction to the results is that I salvaged the dye job and now have a piece of cloth that has some expressive possibilities.