Value - Mary Ann A.

Working on this lesson quickly turned into a frustrating activity for me.  My time was being spent on trying to perfect the values and staying in the lines.  After stepping back from the project for a moment, I shook off the perfectionism cloak and began again, but this time focusing on learning from my not so great samples.  I stopped redoing pieces and centered my attention on benefiting from the mixing process as it affected the scale of intensity of each hue. I worked (am working) to achieve the appropriate color hues for the wheels, but I strived more to complete each set of wheels knowing that even with the less than perfect hue mix I was visually honing my skills to interpret color values.  As I hung up each color wheel it became more visible to me how doing this exercise was sharpening my visual interpretation of the intensity levels of colors.    That knowledge became evident today as I was checking out an artist’s association website ( Women Artists of the West) and saw this picture titled, “Rose” by Jean Hyland.  The fusion of color values caught my eye before I saw the rose.