Kath G.

I enjoyed making the large papers of orange-blue with pure hues and the variety of muted colours - tints, shades and tones. I continue to practice the terms and while not confident yet - I'm improving.

Exploring the scuffing method with larger brushes was fun - experience helped me in creating a smoother transition from one hue to another... but my brush quality was poor and I chased wayward brush hairs that dropped out of the brush while I painted!! An interesting distraction - quality products would make the work more seamless. I'll remember that in future purchases.

Making collages is not my strong suit - my experience with this and my confidence are low. I felt intimidated (by myself) through this process. My inner critic is alive and well and I had trouble quieting her and repeating to myself - 'it's not the product - it's the process'.

Finally completed the exercise yesterday and am posting photos. 

I'd like to go back and make other combinations with red-violet and yellow-green - those colours seem to be speaking to me right now. Will need to put it in sequence with other work I haven't finished yet!! Enjoying the work:)