Kath G.

Lesson Five has been challenging and a fantastic playtime!

I appreciate the generosity of my local paint shop as I went in and asked them if I could access their paint chips for my projects. They were gracious and welcomed me to spend time as I tried to match colours within the three pieces I'd chosen - a Van Gogh, piece of wrapping paper and some fabric (I haven't completed this yet - but I will).

I also finished my colour wheels from lesson 2 over the past week and a bit - fabulous colours. I'm happy to keep working away at experimenting with the colour mixes from lesson 3 - but these may take place after the course is actually finished as the holidays approach.

I find it challenging (fun too!) to try to match the colours - different lighting really affects the colour as well. I selected the paint chips while under florescent lights, reviewed them in daylight at home and then generally painted them under led lights in the late afternoon/evening. I'm not sure of my original 'matches' - but had lots of fun deselecting colours that I thought worked in florescent lighting that were no longer appropriate in daylight.

I am looking forward to feedback around the matches/complements and most importantly (to my understanding) right now of the opposite value and opposite intensity sections. I thought I had them well sorted and had a good understanding when I did the Van Gogh and then had to review and relearn them when I went to do the wrapping paper.... not sure I'm solid on this yet - but hopeful:)

I'm not happy with the green in my wrapping paper exercise... I thought it was green and then changed my mind to add a bit of black to 'muddy' it a bit - but this was after I'd mixed the opposite value and intensity... it just doesn't look right to me and I'm not sure what I should have tried to match the original colour. I also found myself going back and forth on the hues... not sure if the colour was orange or yellow-orange... I decided on yellow-orange.. but not sure.

..... Am learning lots - thanks.

Finished my Christmas biscotti - will need to work on not eating it, but giving it away!