Eleni A. - Color Scales

I am a bit behind on my notes for class. I really took my time on the color wheels and at first felt frustrated by mixing greens until I really started to see the colors shifting little by little…I don’t know if I did it right really, but I feel like I could do it even better after this week. I did my grey scales twice, the second time I think is much better. I feel good about them and I would really like to paint all of the colors into grey after I am done doing white and black. I took Jane’s 6 hour workshop this summer and it was blowing my mind how much I was learning in that short period. I continue to feel that way, mixing the colors for these scales really has been a great exercise in paying attention to the shift…I have also been playing around with mixing paints before I mix my dyes for the warp, so much more simple to do it this way and feel confident about my dye mixing. This has been tremendously helpful to me. Before taking this class, I feel as though I made solid color choices, but I couldn’t tell you why, now I “see” the added colors and it makes it click for me why they “match”.  I hope that makes sense! 

I am addicted to painting these things! It is getting easier and easier to mix up the right amount of paint. I have tried going light to dark and dark to light and it doesn’t seem to matter, it matters more that there “certain amount of change”. I did try to mix one color into another, yellow into purple…that was actually harder then into light or dark for me, as there were so many hues that it was hard to gauge what was coming next…so I am glad I did a test run, I will use it do a better one next. I have been trying to clearly organize a color wall so I can track my progress. It is inspiring to see it, so it makes me want to work on even more. I plan to use these often so they will probably stay there for awhile.