Kath G.

Interesting exercise - I 'scuffed' along (fun term) with complimentary colours - tricky - as I was not able to move as seamlessly as your demonstration Jane!!

Mine moved very quickly to the less (?) intense colour and then I was not be able to move back. It was fun though and I can see where I think I should go next. There are some very interesting colours in these ranges.

I'm still working on the colour wheels from week 2 and while I'm slow - it is so exciting to see colours unfold that I would not have predicted... it's like a new box of smarties or M&Ms in each wheel. I am thoroughly enjoying the time it takes to do this exploration and have some great tunes on while I play with the paint.

I'll continue to finish the colour wheels - no clear end point and am curious to see if I can make some strips, as suggested, mixing each colour into the other 11!!