Carol W. H.

I made three attempts at the Grey Scale and I'm attaching a photo of all three.   I think the third is the best.   Then I did three colour wheels.   The first two went dark too quickly and this third one is better I think.   I had difficulty getting the centre colour and am still not sure it's quite right.   I haven't punched the holes yet because I've momentarily lost my hole punch!   I know I have it somewhere because I got it out a couple of days ago and it will turn up eventually...

I'm including a photo of a gradation of greys I did on cotton yarn with Procyon MX dyes.   After I used this set of yarns I decided that the darker ones were too close.   I ended up drawing a curve on graph paper showing the gradation I had done and then trying different curves to see if I could get a better gradation for the darker part.

I'm also including two photos (one of yarns and one of a set of colour chips) that I did some while ago by dyeing value gradations on cotton yarn and also painting the dyes onto paper and cutting out little squares and sticking them on strips of paper so that I had a record of all the Procyon MX dyes that I had.   I know the dye won't be totally accurate on paper but it has been useful as a starting point.

I've now started painting all the colours into black and white on the colour wheels.   I've only done yellow so far and didn't get the lovely greens that you did Jane.   Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I'm finding all this so incredibly useful and can see the endless possibilities in painting all these different wheels and strips and then re-doing them!    I think I'll now go on to the complements and keep going with the other wheels at the same time.