Kath G.

Hello - 

I am embarrassed to be late with my submission (a little bit) My former students would get a kick out of this and probably deduct (nonexistent) marks from me! Lucky I don't have to tell them:)

Truthfully - I've had these done for a little bit but was slow in posting. I wanted to get some photos of the wonderful colour event that is happening outside my very windows - fall in this part of Ontario is a delight I look forward to every year - I hope you will enjoy the photos I have included. I've been walking around finding yellow, red-orange, yellow-green, orange... you get the picture. I had to take some photos while I was sneaking in a final golf game, a trip to the spa and to buy apples, a drive in the neighbourhood... - you don't have to feel sorry for me😊

I haven't had any experience with paint or painting - other than walls, siding and trim - this a whole new experience.... a little intimidating and also fun!

I decided to be efficient with my paint and painted the watercolour paper and white cloth at the same time. I had great difficulty mixing green - many attempts! Then I didn't mix enough green paint to be able to mix yellow-green without starting the process all over again... and... unbelievably had to repeat for blue-green!! I am not confident I have it at all. The paint looks quite different wet than dry.

Mixing blue-violet also had me working hard... I'd love some feedback from others on their thoughts around colour mixing.

I have the colour constant cards and find it challenging to train my eye to see that colour - sometimes I try wishful thinking - gosh "I wish it is the same colour as the constant card" or hope - "I hope it's the same colour.. but not sure" 

Hope you're enjoying this experience as I am. - Kath