Lesson Two - Niki B.

Wow, well here are the Gray Scale Bar and Value Wheel. I'm sending them to you NOW because if I keep overlaying these things to get the perfect gradation the paint will be as thick as Gloria Swanson's makeup in Sunset Boulevard! And so: my close-ups.

Yes, you could do a twelve step program with these Gray Scale Bars, no problem. I did two bars and although the values I achieved are pretty much the same in both, putting on thicker, more even coats of paint make the scale more consistent as a tool.The little notch I cut in each bar locates the 50% value at a glance for me.

I'm not as satisfied with the Value Wheel. With just 5 steps in between black and white (vs.seven on the strip) I feel my transitions aren't as satisfying. Maybe I'll try doing the wheel all over again; maybe make one with seven steps as you suggested. But I'm really excited to begin the White into Hue and Hue into Black series. 

Onward! NikiB