I discovered that my Scottish roots surfaced while painting. What a stingy painter I am! I think I could have used more paint to mix my tertiary colors so I wouldn't be eeking color out of the brush on the last stroke. Waste not, want not. I vow to improve that! 

I was happier with my results on white fabric than on the black. I put down 3 layers on the yellow hues, but didn't keep going after that. Did others find the same? Or is is my Scottish painting method that must be reformed? 

My biggest challenge was the opaque Red Violet. It kept turning out plummy no matter what I did. Is that because there was no Magenta to mix with it as we had in the transparents? 

Also I need some help on seeing the difference between the opaque True Blue and Turquoise colors. They look identical in the jar and on my painted samples. Jane, what has been your experience?