Lesson Five Part 2 - Donalee K.

I’ve color corrected #1, re-read and re-watched videos for week 5 again a few times and then did Week 5, #2.  I now have #3 & #4 on the design table to work on today.  It’s getting easier to see the colors shifting, and fun when I can discern the correct colors needed to make a match. 

I’ve read and watched Week 6, and can’t wait to get started on that. I love watching the videos…. I feel like we’re across the table from each other, until something funny is said and I’m laughing out loud… then I reply only my husband in the other room hears me! 

I re-watched the video’s about the complement of brown, but could use more clarification. As you can see from my opposite intensity to my brown I used Orange to start.. and for the life of me can’t recall what I used as the complement!!  Maybe Blue-Green?  Wish I had taken better notes while I was mixing!  It seems in the complementary stripes I did from Week 3, there is a version of brown in the center of all of them…… so would it be fair to say almost any color works as the complementary?  

Happy mixing!