Lesson Five - Lynda H.

     I took this collection both with natural light (this one) and in my photo tent. This picture was the most accurate as to what I see. However, some of the colors have shifted. The compliment of the gold looks more blue but shows up purple on here. Anyway, this print came from a gift bag I had in my stash. I found this a really challenging exercise. I originally started working on the light yellow on the left and gave up since I couldn’t seem to get that color so decided  to start on the gold end. By the time I got back to the yellow I had a better understanding of the exercise and it got easier. 

     First of all I was amazed that the first yellow, the initial problem child, had orange in it. I kept adding white and it wouldn’t calm down! Again, there is a shift in the photo and what I see. The complement isn’t that dark but looking now it probably could have been much lighter than even what I see. Another amazing thing was the the opposite value (adding black) is the exact color of the leaves and stems in this print! The smudge of red on the last color happened yesterday when I was putting them together. 

     The two reds were made starting with magenta and adding orange. The photo makes the first red look pretty orange. It’s not to my eye. In the green column I did have to redo the red. It originally came out too orange. Since the main color was a blue green, I needed to add more red. It was all in my eye. The red orange I had before just stuck out so I figured it wasn’t right. That made me feel good - that maybe I can see color harmony better than I thought. 

     I really loved the last two colors in the pink - how the black dulled the pink and then how the green turned the pink to a beautiful beige. Looks like a Wendy’s Frosty (which by the way I’ve not eaten in years!).

     What helped me and what I referred to constantly during this exercise was my color wheel and those constants. 

     Although my colors aren’t all perfect and probably some could be tweaked again, I feel like I am understanding color a bit more. So all of these colors should really work together? My compliment in the blue green row would not work at all. Does that mean it needs to be tweaked?