Lynda Heines

I started out on this journey as a writer. As an avid journal writer (kept one since the 6th grade and also taught journal writing classes for 11 years) and a writer in most of the jobs I’ve held over the years, I’ve always loved playing with words. I had no idea that my writing would bring me to dyeing and surface design. 

My obsession emerged while writing my “Telling Your Story” newspaper column about local artists. I was so inspired by the fabric artists I interviewed that I decided that I wanted to spend more time creating my own art, especially working with fabric, dyes, and paints.  My first venture into dyeing was snow dyeing, but with very little snow here most winters, that proved difficult. I thought that ice cubes would also work, and so ice dyeing was born. I wrote the first article on ice dyeing, which appeared in Quilting Arts magazine in 2011, and taught a webinar in June 2013 on that topic.

But for me it’s not just playing with ice and dye. I also love working with other ways to change the look of the fabric’s surface including, but not limited to, sun printing, soy wax batik, discharge, gelatin printing, thermofax screen-printing with dye attractant and inks, and marbling. I also love using all kinds of tools for marking the fabric from potato mashers and wood printing blocks to doilies and lace.

 Last year I started selling some of my creations.

I love to share my art-making journey through local classes and on my blog ( My goal is to inspire others to stretch their creative muscles by trying something new and challenging.