Chris Stitcher

Hi, Everyone!

My name is Chris Stitcher - I am DELIGHTED  to be in this class.   What to write in a bio......  I am retired after 26 years in secondary Biology education and adult substance abuse prevention training and development for community teams.  Being a grandmother is more fun than I ever imagined.  I'm of average height and always trying to lose weight!  

I was labeled "creative" in my family but definitely not "artistic" since I don't draw anything in a recognizable  state.    As an adult, I once took a class guaranteed to make every student a drawing artist.  Hah!  Since childhood, I've always had a project of one sort another going.  I started making quilts in my early 30's.  I was comfortable with the  medium since I had sewn since the 7th grade and Jane's first book - Complex Cloth - opened up a whole new world.

 I LOVE color and have made my life as colorful as possible - wardrobe, wall colors, etc.  But, I don't understand color.  I'm hoping to clear that hurdle as this class progresses.