Lesson Six - Pat B.

What I found most interesting was the photographing of this lesson.   The photos were taken with natural light coming in from a south window at 1:00pm in the afternoon.  Because it was so bright a flash was not required.  The thing that is most fascinating, depending on the colour of the background fabric, look what happens to the white background that they were photographed against.

This has been a most remarkable class, I have learned so much.  This last exercise was definitely the most challenging and having been away for two weeks, it was difficult to just pick up where we had left off.  

The difference between the transparent and opaque paints is very evident especially when the background is very busy as in sample 3a and 3B.  The transparent paint disappeared completely in the background.  I was not very pleased with these results but again, the background, I feel, does not lend itself to surface design, way too busy.

On samples 4b I used stamps that I had made before and came to the conclusion that if I had chosen to use them for the opaque sample the piece would have turned out much better.

My painting from nature was quite a simple one.  The feather is from one of my parrots and the colours were not complicated.  On the silk gauze sample, the opaque is definitely better coverage.  I did not mix the opaque and transparent to get my colours, I was able to mix both separately, the only difference is what it is used on that would make the difference for me.

Thank you Jane and Zenna, this has been a wonderful experience.  Can’t wait for the design course, hope it comes soon.