Lesson 4.2 - Madalene M.

I am very glad I did another round of the collage exercises because I began to ask even more questions this time.  #1 Here the focal point was the pure hue, which is the pure orange diagonal stripe. Question: Does it work to have a focal point across the whole composition? And is it strong enough? I purposely did not make the slope of the triangle at the bottom not match the slope of the diagonal stripe because I was trying to add some unpredictability but does it work? I am thinking the contrast of that little triangle with its background may distract from the focal point.

#3 I made my tones much grayer for this round and I think that is more in line with your intent for the exercise so that I have more chromatic grays rather than, as I had in the first try, grayed purples and yellows.

#4 I realized I didn't have any clearly blue pieces in this composition, but I did have four distinct values in sort of equal amounts.

I'm looking forward to your comments on both these sets of exercises, and I wish I had more time to do a couple more sets.