Lesson Six - Kate M.

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of this course.  Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! 

Notes for Lesson Six:

I did two examples of Exercise #1.  (#1 and #2)

I was happy with one of the examples but not the other in both cases.  However, when the paint dried, I couldn’t remember which one I was unhappy with. 

My first challenge with the exercises was – what was I going to print with?  I had some stencils, made some stencils, used some stamps and mesh and even cabbage pieces.  I maintained a focus on the colors and what I was trying to achieve and tried to keep apparatus out of the picture.  The colors work well and I do feel a bit of success at the end of the day. 

The nature study was a wonderful way to end the class.   

I purposefully used the poinsettia in transparent and opaque paints, to see the difference in the end product.  With black fabric I was pretty sure, through our experience together, that the opaque paint would be needed to give the color and definition to the leaf.  As you point out, sometimes we want the transparent effect and sometimes we want the opaque.  Each situation will present a different perspective on this. 

Thank you!  Kate