Lesson Three - Joanna W.

I had fun this week creating such beautiful colors.  Besides the complement gradations, I did 9 strips with Yellow and a variety of other hues.  I used all three reds (Carmine, Bright Red and Magenta).  I also did 4 strips using Orange and Bright Red as my constants.  Observations:  Magenta and Turquoise seem to be weaker hues when mixing;  they are overtaken by other hues more easily so mixing needed to be more sensitive to this quality.  Also Bright Red leans more toward the magenta side and makes nice bright colors. As time when on, I decided to mix my colors on the palette (as opposed to Jane's method).  I started with the lightest hue and gradually added the darker hue.  This seems to mirror what I would do in real life when mixing colors.  After I got the colors on the strip, I brushed over it with a bit of water on my brush to smooth out the gradations.  Eye candy!  Looking forward to next week's lesson.